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On this joyous occasion of Independence Day, we come together to celebrate the spirit of freedom & unity that defines Trinidad & Tobago. As we reflect on the journey that has brought us here, let us cherish the sacrifices of our forebearers & the collective aspirations that have shaped our nation!
With each passing year, we are reminded of the strength that comes from diversity, the beauty of our cultural tapestry, & the resilience that has carried us through challenges. Let us embrace the values that bind us – tolerance, harmony, & progress – as we continue to build a brighter future for generations to come!
Today, we honor the legacy of our founding fathers & mothers who paved the way for a sovereign nation. As we raise our flag high & watch it flutter in the breeze, let it be a symbol of our unwavering commitment to growth, prosperity, & the pursuit of excellence!
Happy Independence Day, Trinidad & Tobago! May the spirit of patriotism & unity guide us towards even greater achievements, & may our nation continue to shine as a beacon of hope & inspiration in the Caribbean & beyond! Wishing All Citizens Of Trinidad & Tobago A Joyful & Vibrant Independence Day Celebration!

About Us

Oceanaire Agencies Limited offers the highest level of personalised and reliable Air & Ocean freight shipping services at competitive market rates to and from Trinidad utilising key gateways supported by a reputable network of agents worldwide.

What We Offer

Our friendly and experienced team of professionals provide expert advice on diverse shipping categories, and our reputable international and regional contacts ensure your shipments are always in capable and trustworthy hands.

Our Philosophy

Oceanaire Agencies Limited is celebrating its 25th Anniversary, as a leading provider of trusted and reliable logistics and supply chain solutions. Over two decades of growth and experience have transformed us to a lean organisation which offers you the best prices in the logistics industry. We keep you in SHIP-SHAPE.

Our Vision

We believe in looking forward to the future by embracing the advancement of technology, to assist us in delivering more effective and efficient quality services to our clients and, an enjoyable work experience for our employees.

Our Mission

Fulfilling our client’s desires, by providing an exemplary level of service in transporting your products to you.