Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to set up an account?
    Just sign-up all we need is your name, telephone contacts, address, and e-mail address we’ll do the rest.
    You can SIGN-UP here for free.

2. What information do you need from me to provide a quote?

  • Origin of the cargo address with zip code
  • Destination of the cargo address with zip code
  • Number of pieces (weight in Lbs or Kgs)
  • Mode of Transport: Air or Ocean
  • Dimensions (L x W X H) In Feet or Meters
  • Commodity:(example: Computers).
  • Value of goods: USD or TTD
  • Method of Shipment: Air or Ocean?

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3. Are there any special requirements for moving hazardous cargo?
    Yes, all hazardous cargo must be accompanied by the relevant Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) as well as the original dangerous goods certificate.
    (IMO) Special packing is required, which should be provided by the supplier.

4. Do you offer insurance coverage?
    Yes, the value of your cargo is required.
    Claim For Marine Cargo.

5. How are freight costs calculated?

  • FCL (Full Container Load): Rates vary from port to port & are based on the container size.
  • LCL (Less Than Container Load): Rates vary from port to port.
  • This rate is calculated by multiplying the freight rate by the gross weight or cubic volume whichever yields the greater.
  • Air Freight rates are calculated by multiplying the freight rate by the gross weight or volumetric weight whichever yields the greater.
  • W/M. W being 1000kg and M being 1m3 (35.32 cubic feet), whichever yields greater.


6. Are the freight costs the total cost of the shipment?
    No there are other additional costs such as documentation fees, fuel surcharges, etc.
    These costs will vary depending on the origin and destination of the shipment.

7. What are your addresses where I can send my goods?
    It depends on the Port of Loading (POL).

8. What airlines are used?
    We use all the airlines operating here in Trinidad and Tobago
    You can track the status of flights here.

9. Which Ocean liners are used?
    We use all the International Shipping Lines which call at Trinidad
    You can track the status of Cargo Ships here.

10. Can you pick it up and deliver it to my door.
      Yes, we can pick it up at the origin and deliver it to your door.

11. How do I pay for this service?
     You can deposit to our bank account or make payments online to our account.
     You can find payment options here.


12. Do I need an import license to import a fridge into Trinidad?
     Yes, you do need approval from the Ministry of Trade.
     Click here to be redirected to the Ministry’s website.

13. If I am a returning resident do I have to pay full duties and VAT?
     You may be entitled to tax concessions.
     Click here for more information.